Education Department

The Department of Education was established in the year 2011.

The candidates who have done a graduation course can opt for the B.Ed course which is a 2 year duration course. Generally the B.Ed course is a professional course which helps the candidates to get fully in to this job of teaching mainly in primary or secondary classes at the school level.

The opinion about the B.Ed course among majority of the individuals is highly positive as it enhances all the hidden talents of the candidates (even who are introvert) in a good manner. The level of knowledge one may acquire through this area or course is tremendous. The candidates will have the opportunity to mingle with many other individuals who are from diverse backgrounds. The number of job opportunities after the completion of the B.Ed course is also immense.

Also the Department offers Basic Training Certificate (BTC), which is a certificate level education course. The course is two year (full time) recognized by NCTE, Govt. of India. The course is good for those applying for assistant teachers jobs. It is a necessary certificate for the appointment of primary teachers in government and private schools. BTC aimed at training teachers for imparting primary education. The course is career orienting in nature that opens many bright job options in education sector and for higher educational degrees.

Course Offered:

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

BTC (Basic Trainin Certificate)