Bachelor of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Technology is a 3 year long degree level course. At present Radiography is one of the most popular modern medical technologies available. This technology is used to diagnose various diseases and disorder in a human body. There are many methods adopted to diagnose these problems.

Some of them includes:-

  • X-ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Angiography
  • PET technologies

These methods are taught to the students in the Bachelor of Radiology & Imaging Technology course. Some colleges in India only offer Bachelor of Radiology and few offer only Bachelors in Imaging Technology.  But both these courses will enable the students to get a detailed image of the internal body parts and also help to teach their functioning which is impossible to see other wise. These reports will help the doctors to properly diagnose the disease and provide efficient treatment to cure the problem.

A Bachelor of Radio Diognosis & Imaging Technology will give the students an over all knowledge about the Radiography. There are basically two types i.e. Diagnostic and Therapeutic radiology. The Diagnostic radiography is more over concerned with radio imaging machines and there by infer results. The Therapeutic radiography engages in the treatment of various diseases like cancer, ulcer and tumor.

There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have studied this course. Interested candidates can also go for higher studies in the related field.

Advantages or Benefits of Bachelor of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Technology

After the completion the Bachelor of Radio Diagnosis  & Imaging Technology a student will be able to:

  • Build up and pertain Professional morals and principles in the Radiation therapist.
  • The candidates will also develop demonstration abilities with proper and effective communication, Critical Thinking and trouble solving skills needed for professional Practice.
  • Students who have studied Radiography will also be capable of managing, assessing and also use scientific technological information which are applicable for proper patient care services.

Eligibility Criteria for BRDIT

As to join a Bachelor of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Technology course, a student need to have +2 level studies. A student must have studied science subjects with biology in their +2 as to be an eligible candidate. The students who have a certificate in Diploma in Medical Radiography or even its equivalent are also considered eligible for the Bachelor of Radiology & Imaging Technology course.

Course Offered:

BRDIT (B.Sc. Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Technology)


3 Years 6 Months (full time)